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Event Sponsorships and Contributions

The Lake Forest Social and Communications Committee welcomes donations and contributions from residents and from companies owned by residents in accordance with the following policy:

Donations and contributions must be appropriate for the event and intended audience. Donations must either add value to the event or defray costs that our association would otherwise incur. 

Sponsors must be in good standing with the LFLOA, which means the resident has not failed to pay dues or to comply with the subdivision's deed restrictions and protective covenants.

LFLOA may acknowledge sponsors and contributors in one or more of the following ways:
1) a sign at the event
2) mention by the emcee during the event
3) thank you in the next newsletter 
4) mention in an event announcement or reminder prior to the event
5) mention in post-event email thanking volunteers, sponsors, and contributors

Displaying business cards, printed brochures, and other printed marketing information at Lake Forest social events is prohibited, with the exception of signage recognizing sponsors.   Giving away logo items such as shirts, cups, pens, etc. may be permitted in certain cases.

For more information or to sponsor an event, please contact the Lake Forest Social and Communications Committee at lfloa@yahoo.com