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Drainage and Lake Committee

The drainage and lake committee monitors and maintains the drainage system and lake in Lake Forest. Members work with Pittsfield Township, the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commission, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and Lake Forest residents to fulfill the following tasks and responsibilities: 
  • Maintaining physical structures in the drainage system. 
  • Cleaning creeks of trash and dead wood. 
  • Working with neighbors on individual drainage problems. 
  • Managing and caring for wetlands in Lake Forest. 
  • Treating the lake for algae and weeds using appropriate chemicals. 
  • "Lakescaping" and wetland landscaping and management. 
  • Controlling waterfowl. 
  • Stocking the lake with fish. 
Since most of the surface runoff in Lake Forest drains into Warner Lake, the committee is involved in caring for the lake as well as maintaining drainage system elements such as catch basins, pipes, swales, and detention ponds. 

New members, ideas, and questions are always welcome.   Please contact any committee member for more information or to discuss concerns.

Committee Contacts

OPEN (Chairperson) 

Shahrukh Hiramanek (734) 668-7175  shhiramanek@gmail.com
George Todoroff (734) 665-9768  gtodoroff@comcast.net
Andy Lawrence (734) 665-6171  please call    
Isadore King (734) 665-2862  please call