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Architectural Enforcement Committee

The Architectural Enforcement Committee (AEC) ensures that all changes to the exterior of a home comply with the Lake Forest Subdivision Deed Restrictions & Protective Covenants.  Examples of projects requiring the AEC's approval include:

  • Any and all exterior painting projects, including painting the same color.
  • Siding replacement.
  • Roofing projects.
  • Deck construction.
  • Landscaping that may change the grade or typography of the property.
  • Installing any satellite dish or antenna.


The AEC must approve the color for all exterior painting projects, including painting the “same” color.  For fastest approval, please consider using one of the 41 paint colors on the Approved Color Palette, which is available from any committee member.  Homeowners using a color from the approved palette simply need to email a request to the AEC.  

For all other colors, homeowners must complete the Home Improvement Project Review Form in the attachments section below and submit it to any AEC member. 


Roofs must be covered with asphalt shingles. 


No approval is required for landscaping that does not change the topography of the property. Work that changes the grade may affect drainage and must be approved.  Homeowners who are not sure should contact the AEC to discuss the  project.

Street Trees

Street trees must be pruned to provide six-foot clearance over sidewalks, eight-foot clearance over streets, and clear sight lines for safety. The AEC works with homeowners to replace all dead and missing street trees.  Only certain kinds of trees are permitted, and there are minimum size requirements.   For more information about street tree care and requirements, please see “Street Tree Care and Maintenance Guide” for details.  Please contact the AEC for more information.

Other Improvements

Please use the Home Improvement Project Review Form from the Attachments section below to request approval for all other exterior changes required by the Lake Forest Subdivision Deed Restrictions & Protective Covenants. 

Committee Contact

Shahrukh Hiramanek(734) 635-4678 shhiramanek@gmail.com

Bryan Beecher,
Dec 17, 2017, 3:11 PM