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Email Announcement System

The Lake Forest Lot Owners Association (LFLOA) board and committees use an email announcement system as an essential method for communicating with all residents.  Distribution of announcements is restricted to adult residents of Lake Forest. Use is   limited to the following topics: 

  • Business of the Lake Forest Lot Owners Association.
  • Lake Forest events, activities, and meetings.
  • Safety and security concerns.
  • Information from police and public safety agencies.
  • Certain Pittsfield Township and Washtenaw County notices.
  • Rubbish and recycle service schedules.
  • Lost and found pets or valuables that belong or may belong to a resident.
  • Other important information that may benefit residents.

The social and communications committee manages the email announcement system. We do not publish email addresses electronically or in print. Access to email addresses is restricted to our board of directors and committee members involved in maintaining the system.

As part of this policy, we make a request and a promise.  We request that you share your email address with the LFLOA and notify us if it changes.  We promise that we will not give, sell, or rent your e-mail address to any other organization or business.

If you would like to receive LFLOA email announcements, please send a request to bryanbeecher@gmail.com.