Mailboxes and Posts


Many residents feel that the consistent look of the mailboxes and mailbox posts in Lake Forest adds "curb appeal" and helps to differentiate our neighborhood from other nearby subdivisions that do not have a uniform standard.  The Lake Forest Deed Restrictions and Protective Covenants require uniformity in mailboxes and mailbox posts.  Section 7 reads as follows:

Mailboxes and posts with newspaper receptacles attached to the post below the mailbox shall be uniform in size and color and shall be maintained by the lot owner in the present location of the mailbox.

This covenant has generated a number of questions over the years, and the answers don't fit well within the FAQ.  If you can't find the answer to your question on this page, please contact Gerry Auth, the point person in Lake Forest for mailbox and post information.  Gerry can be reached at 
930-0339 or


The mailbox is the responsibility of the homeowner and must be black with the following dimensions: 8.5" wide, 11" tall, 21" deep.

These mailboxes can be purchased from the following retail stores:
    • Lowe's: Classic Large black metal box. Lowe's # is 39084. Mfr's # is C1600B00.
    • Home Depot: Gibraltar "Elite" Large black metal box. HD # is 438-673. Mfr's # is E1600B00.
    • Ace Hardware: Solar Group black metal box size T2. Ace #5266192.
    • Stadium Hardware: Large black metal box. Tru-Value Hardware #724904.
All of the boxes above fall into the $25-$30 price range.  [ List above last updated: November 2015. ]

Newspaper Tubes

For a free newspaper tube and bracket plus free installation, please contact Gerry Auth. Even if you do not subscribe to a newspaper, it is still important to have a newspaper receptacle attached to your mailbox post to maintain the uniform look.

Mailbox Posts

The responsibility for maintaining the mailbox post lies with the homeowner. The Lake Forest Deed Restrictions and Protective Covenants do not allow one to change the location of the post, and the shape, size, and color of the post must be uniform.


The official LFLOA board-approved colors for the mailbox posts are Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Solid Color Stain in the following colors:

As of October 2015 these products are available at Anderson Paint Company (West Stadium location; click link for address and phone number) for $24/quart or $8.50/pint. 

In an effort to reduce the time, material, and cost of maintaining the engraved Lake Forest logo at the top of the post, the board has approved a screw-mounted plaque which includes a blue and green Lake Forest logo decal substitute. This plaque is attached to the post with two screws directly over the existing engraved logo. These plaques can be obtained by contacting Gerry Auth. Our recommended contractor also has access to the approved paint colors and plaques. 

Weed Whip protectors

Our contractor can supply and install a protective metal band around the base of the main post to protect it from weed whip or string trimmer damage.  Call for a quote.  Eventually, excessive damage to the base of the wooden post from weed whips or string trimmers will cause the post to break off, requiring expensive total post replacement.  We encourage anyone with damage to have a protector installed.

Getting Help

The recommended contractor for Lake Forest mailbox post repair or replacement is:

Bill Black

734-347-7804 (mobile)

734-461-1944 (home)


For anyone wishing to repaint their mailbox post themselves, the Board has purchased a small quantity of the required paint for your use, and can be borrowed by contacting Gerry Auth.