Banks, Credit Unions, and Title Companies

This information is intended for banks, credit unions, or other organizations that may be working with a Lake Forest resident on a mortgage or the refinance of an existing mortgage.  Title companies may also find the information here useful.

Lake Forest

Lake Forest is a platted subdivision, and is not zoned as a site condominium.  There are no shared facilities such as tennis courts or clubhouses.  Residents own their lots, and any shared lands, such as our park, are owned by the Lake Forest Lot Owners Association, a non-profit organization that collects dues, enforces our protective covenants, and maintains the properties it owns, such as the community park.  

There are 251 lots (and homes) in the Lake Forest subdivision.

Lake Forest is a distinct subdivision from Lake Forest Highlands, the Hills of Lake Forest, and the Pines at Lake Forest.  Each of the other subdivisions has its own HOA (sometimes more than one), and therefore its own dues, board of directors, covenants, etc.


The LFLOA has a liability policy with State Farm.


As of April 1, 2018, the annual dues for the LFLOA are $240 and have been since 2000.  The LFLOA sends an invoice for the current year's dues to lot owners in Q1 each calendar year, and most lot owners pay their dues promptly.  Dues cover the current calendar year; for example, the 2018 dues that we invoiced in Q1 2018 cover CY 2018.

The overwhelming majority of LFLOA dues are used to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of LFLOA-owned areas, such as parks and grounds.

Dues are not used to maintain homes, mailbox posts, street trees, or any other resident-owned property.  Dues are not used for any utility charges incurred by a resident, such as water, electricity, natural gas, cable television, etc.

Any dues that are collected at closing should be sent to the LFLOA at the address on this page.

Please contact our Treasurer -- treasurer@lfloa[dot]org -- to ensure that a lot owner is current with dues.

Other Common Questions

The LFLOA plays no role in the sale or transfer of a home from one owner to another. There are no transfer fees, status letter fees, special assessments, or other fees imposed by the LFLOA when a home is sold EXCEPT for any annual dues which are in arrears.

If you have a question that is not addressed above, please reach out to any of our current (volunteer) board members.